"Liberty Warehouse"

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Liberty Warehouse
About ten years ago I had the privilege of being asked to help out with the painting of some of the sets for the Durham Savoyard’s production of “The Sorcerer”
Every year since, cold and sometimes wet, Saturday mornings in February have been the harbinger of spring and another wonderful performance of a Gilbert and Sullivan Operetta. 
These times have given me some of my best friends and comrades. They are really a stellar group of people that love music, theater and performing, on stage and behind it!!!!
2010 was the last year to build sets in the Liberty Warehouse and with all the wonderful growth going on in Durham I wasn’t sure how much longer this sign would be here. Soooooo this is for remembering…..
I dedicate this painting to the Teckies and singers that spent a cold morning or a late night at the “Liberty Warehouse”


“Liberty Warehouse”
Acrylic on Board
24 x 18


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