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High Rider

Varnamtown coming to life!!!

Things that are coming up: We are entering our 2nd Week!!!!
First, I talked with the one and only Claudio Oswald Niedworok Tuesday March the 24th at 10 AM. The program is “Claudio’s Speakeasy” and aired on WCOM 103.5 fm It

can now be heard online at Podcast
We will be talking about the Varnamtown project and the plight of our North Carolina coastal villages.

As of SundayThursday the 24th the Rockhub crowd sourcing fund raiser is up to 975.00

This is great start but we have a long way to go. These funds help with the expenses of travel, loging and materials for the completion of the project. I go to Varnamtown 2 or 3 times a month and the travel expenses alone add up quickly.

Remember that sponsoring the project is TAX DEDUCTIBLE and every little bit helps.  We are helping to save a history for our children and grand children as well as educating others about the importance of NC wild caught fish!!!

View the project here!!!

Varnamtown: An Aging Life  Click Here!!!

This is the view of one of the remaining shrimp houses in Varnamtown.”High Rider Seafood”. During the season these seafood houses carry the finest NC wild seafood caught in the waters of the NC coast. Delicious!!!!!

3 miles out with “Chan-Dana” on the bar off of Southport NC

Varnamtown in the paper!!!

Marc Lee: Pulling up the Nets

“There was a time when Madison Avenue tried to make the world think that smoking was cool. Remember the Marlboro Man and ladies smoking Kools? And yes, Durham and its various brands played their part.

The streets of Durham were run by tobacco barons like Mr. Duke and others, and people from both black and white neighborhoods worked in the factories and fields. Nearby Wilson and Rocky Mount also have a rich tobacco history.
Did you ever wonder what became of those towns after the tobacco industry transitioned?

Well, local artist Tony Alderman is wondering the same thing about our fishing communities.
Tony is spending a lot of his time on the coast when he is not here with his wife and adult son. He is finding that a lot of the young people are moving away, finding the back-breaking work of their parents and grandparents a dead-end field they want no part of. Recently, while talking to him at Respite, a popular tea shop near Brightleaf, he told me the average age in the town he is looking at is about 50″……….

Read more here:

The Launch Party……

We had a great time at the Launch party meeting new people that were of like mind about our coast. Heard lots of great stories about experiences many had growing up at the coast and buying fresh fish from many of these small seafood houses. Some had even “headed” shrimp!! Then the realization that they are disappearing, while sobering, has created even a greater desire to document what we have cherished.
Ways to help….

One of the best ways you can help is to share the project with your friends! Either Facebook, email, twitter etc…… just get the word out so people hear about what is going on at our coast and become more aware of supporting wild NC fishing.

Here is the link to a GREAT organization “NC Catch”
They promote local wild fish all along the NC coast. I am a member of the Brunswick chapter called “Brunswick Catch”
When you see there logo’s in a restaurant window you know that they are committed to having the majority of the fish they serve come from our coast!!!

The Varnamtown Project here

Brunswick Catch

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